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We have mature trees in the garden, and we have always been plagued by what we think are hosta. Shaped like a hosta but with small black spots on them. No matter how we dig them up, they come back. Any advice on a) are they hosta. b) how do we get rid of them. Please help ......
hollie hock

I don't think they are hostas. Your description sounds similar to something that is growing just outside the garden. The leaves almost go into a point?

Can you take a pic?


Sounds like Arum maculatum - aka Cuckoo pint, Lords & Ladies, Wake Robin and many other names - its flower is a purple rod in a green spathe (hood) which attracts flies and small insects which are trapped in the bottom of the spathe.  After the flower come red berries, which are poisonous.  There are cultivated forms, but you've probably got the native form from your description.


And they  come from 'bulbs' which have lots of tiny ones attached loosely so digging them up dislodges some and up tjhey come next year. Sadly weedkiller is the only way and that will take a while.


I've got a lot of these. I think I've got rid of them and up they come again.



god! i had loads of these in my garden and they surround my hydrangeas.. so in the end the only way to get rid.. we took out the hydra's and skimmed hte lot but 6 ins deep and then turfed it all !!!.. they have not come back since.. but i am missing my hydra's thou very much..


People probably think I'm a little odd , but I think they're absolutely beautiful - I love to see them in the wild, and if I had a large garden with a woodland area I'd be thrilled to have them - but I do understand people are concerned if they have young children visiting the garden as the red berries are so attractive.


I agree Dove, they're beautiful. But I don't want them in every part of the garden

hollie hock

Thats the plant that's growing outside my garden and behind the house in a damp shady spot. Reminds me of my childhood in a way, walking the dogs and seeing the berries in the hedgerows.

Thank you all for your replies. I will take a picture and put it on. I seems as if I will never get rid of them. Thanks again. Camera out tomorrow !

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