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I'm eager to get lots of wildflowers down the end of the garden but whenever I pick up packets in the GC, it is all about sow them, put them in the fridge, leave to germinate, plant them out next year.. blah blah blah. 

I don't really have the time nor the patience for that palava.  I'm thinking they are wild plants / seeds chuck them on the ground, rake it first to help them bed in, but then leave them to it.  that is how they would be in a natural setting. 

How do you all do your wildflowers ? 

Thomas Wilkinson2

I have had some wildflower seeds which I just pretty much scattered on the soil. - they were free and I was bored... but yeah some of them seemed to work just fine. Probably not the best of methods though - I imagine many of them probably didn't germinate. 


With poppies and cornflowers just sow them keep them watered and leave them. Mine are on a windowsill in a planter

 excuse the grubby windows lol


Scatter thinly on soil in plug trays outside or in a cold frame. When they have grown, plant each plug individually.


Too much messing around Peanuts, wildflowers? fridges?.

You need a piece of ground, a packet of seeds and that's it. Some need a winter chill before they germinate, sow them in autumn. The cornfield mix annuals don't, sow them now


I sowed some cornflowers last year and they got eaten by slugs.  I have got a packet of wildflower seed mix but am worried about them being eaten - but then how would wildflowers survive if they werent resistant to slugs?

I grew a wildflower mix in my containers last year ( I live in a flat so everything is in a container) I just scattered them on the soil  and lightly covered them. They came up great! Only problem I had was that some were a bit too big and I had to stake them up. I'm doing just cornflowers in some trugs this year. For sake of the price of a packet of seeds just give it a go. You'd be surprised how easy it is.

I thought about sowing a wild flower mix on the boundary of my allotment but when I looked at the prices and didn't know how much seed would be needed decided to make my own mix of flowers from free magazine seeds. 

I've opted for bee friendly one's, some ground cover others slightly taller but nothing really big which would need support. I then looked at when each could be sown and opted for those which can be sown direct. It might not be a wild flower mix but no messing with fridges and stuff...


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