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Has anybody laid wildflower turf? we are about to lay 3x2m strips that are very thin and have a plastic net underneath. If we dig up the grass the wildflower will sit below ground level so we were wondering if we could just lay it over the existing grass, hoping the grass will die

Alina W

I don't think that's a good idea - the grass will come through, and possibly smother your wildflowers - a couple of inches won't kill it.


Have you got to lay the turf immediately?

well we received it on 28th June and its been laid out on the tarmac drive since then, its healthy and the flowers are growing but my husband wanted it for the bee hives to sit on, we are collecting the bees at 7.30pm tonight and although he can dig the turf up tomorrow he was just wondering if there was any need to as he thought the plastic netting might kill the grass anyway.


The reason I asked was you could have killed the grass off first -that doesn't seem to be an option-why not just lift the turf and put it back upside down- that will not do the grass any good and lay you wildflower turf on top?



Unlikely the netting will kill the grass, it is a marellously resilent plant - just look at all the abuse it gets in a variety of gardens, and under severe weather conditions.

Really, I would remove the grass if you can, you will get much, much better results from your wildflowers if you do.

we could leave it for a week and use weed that what you think Sotongeoff?


Don't think weedkiller is a good idea, doubt it knows the difference between your wildflowers and anything else. Turning the grass upside down seems a good idea, unless the soil is very rich, wildflowers like very poor soil with few nutrients in it. 

Loz wrote (see)

we could leave it for a week and use weed that what you think Sotongeoff?

Well you could do but then will be left with a dead mat of roots-so  you will still need dig the soil over to give the wildflowers something to grow into-something like weedol is quick acting and you will see the results in a couple of days

Ok....hubby says he can live with turning the soil upside down so one last vote,

Weed killer or upside down???


Upside down -and then you can lay the wallflower turf straight away-tomorrow

We have a plan then!!

thank you 

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