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carolyn gray

Hello can you tell me why the leaves on my Rhododendron are hanging right down under the buds but are still green.They look all wilted. Thanks  

lacking of water?

carolyn gray

no have given it plenty of water and its been in the ground a number of years now .Its been like it all winter but does not seem to be recovering.

Emma Crawforth

Hello Carolyn Gray,

Unfortunately this could be phytophthora. Unfortunately there is no chemical treatment for this that amateur gardeners can use. Generally removal of the plant is recommended, and repacement with a species that is not susceptible. To check for it, remove some bark at the base of the main stem and look for black-brown / red-brown discolouration.

Emma team

carolyn gray

Hi Emma, I have looked at the stem and it looks nice and healthy and solid with no discolouration. I will just have to hope it recovers.Thanks. 

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