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i have planted 2 tubs with bedding plants that are healthy after about 2 weeks they

start to wilt and die on inspection the root is severd just below stalk i have put slug pellets down with no effect impatians lobilia and other plants have been affected anyone with a solution please

Howdy bert

What compost did ??ou use?  Ordinary mpc?  Have you been over zealous with the watering? Over generous with fertiliser?

Just because you put slug pellets down it doesn't mean your plants won't be attacked. If you replant I suggest you inspect your plants with a torch and pick off any slugs n snails you see.  Still use your pellets but, ironically, too many attract the pests.  Just a few pellets is all that is required.

Sometimes mice and other small rodents will sever the stems,of some plants and there are other soil pests but snails are the likely culprits


Highland Jeannie

Could it be vine weevil grubs having a munch on the roots? 

I've had this sort of effect with heucheras & saxifrages, although not bedding plants (yet.....!!)

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