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I bought a pot of flowering lavender from tescos 5 days ago. For 3 days I had it on the kitchen window sill thinking it might be too cold outside for it. It started wilting so as it was warmer outside I put it in the garden (still in its pot). It's been out for 2 days on glorious sun but its sill wilting. Any ideas how I gran get it back to its former lovely self?

It is a hardy plant-does not need to be kept indoors-but outside-what size pot is it in?

My guess it is pot bound and dry-tip it out of the pot -what are the roots like?

hollie hock

I would say the same, a lot of the plants that you buy from supermarkets etc tend to be pot bound and not watered enough. It is a hardy plant so you could plant it straight out. I'd pot it on, give it a good drink and then plant it out when it's recovered



So this is this morning. So you advise to plant out now? I have a flower bed ready for it. As I am new to this. Do I water the plant or flower bed soil first or water once its planted? 


Stand the pot in water for a couple of hours-the water will percolate through-then plant -then water round the soil again



When  a pot gets really full of roots it's hard to get enough water to them unless you stand them in water as LG suggests. I'd pull the roots about a bit to get them out of the spiral of pot life, dig the hole, put it in then pour at least half a can of water round it before back filling then water the surface after. OTT? maybe, but I don't lose many plants to dehydration

Ok the pot is now standing in water. I've filled the bucket up to just over the brim if the lavender pot. Is this right?

That is fine-I expect it floated to start with?


Amy, let it soak for half an hour then plant it out. Be very careful with teasing out the roots. Lavender doesn't like having its roots disturbed. It needs to go into very well-drained soil with no chance of the roots becoming waterlogged. If need be, mix some grit into the soil to help drainage. Beyond that, don't overwater it. Lavender thrives in dry conditions.

Well lavender is planted in the flower bed. fingers crossed! Thanks guys!

help, my son brought me what i'd call a lavender tree (round shaped), I noticed it has all of sudden its started to wilt, I watered it whilst outside from top but not too much.

I took it out of the posh bucket it came in to check the roots which seem to be as ive learnt from here, pot bound.

all the new growth ws looking very healthy, I have now put it outside to see if sum more ight will help it.

what do you recommend? please don't say its too late  

Soak it muma in a bucket the rootball is more than likely dry. These plants in the shops now are a pain, all raised either abroad or in heated, lit,greenhouses. I'd get a bigger pot as well something half an inch to an inch bigger and look to repot it with plenty of grit.

.....and try to loosen a few of those roots or they will not grow into your new compost 

hello, dave / Verdun,

thank you so much I have done just that I went a brought a bigger terra pot and soak the ball, loosen the roots then repoted and placed by the lounge window and she looks like that's where she likes to be, mm only problem will she droop again when I take her outside or should  do that now?


thank you

Should be fine outside during the day now.  For a few nights ...say 4 or 5 ....bring indoors.  


Morning Forumites,

Similar vein on the above, but slightly different ...

Last year I plants a row of lavenders in my front garden. Some of these plants were established plants from another garden, but these are interspersed with new, small plants from local garden center.

The old established plants are all fine and all have flowers coming through now.

One of the new plants though has one section that is wilting and yellowing. It's been this yellow for a while, and doesn't seem to be getting worse, but it's not very nice to look at!

Just wondering what i should do - will this rectify itself? 

This yellowing area is all coming from the main branch off the main stem, o shall i just remove that branch?

A couple of the other new plants are also wilting in areas, but not to this extent ... help?

Help.  On a similar theme we have had some Lavender plants that were brought from a supermarket in pots.  They came on great  with lots of stems and loads of buds.  However when we planted them into reasonable soil they have started to turn yellow and it seems that they are waterlogged and maybe dying.

Is there anything that we can do to try and save the plants or have they gone.  

Amy, yes, just cut out the offending pieces 

Mike, do you water your plants?  

I planted a 40 to 50' row of young lavendar last autumn and they have flowered well.  I have not watered them at all.  Even though the soil is free draining and light watering was unnecessary.

keep water away from your lavendar  if your ground is inclined to be wet lavendar will struggle for sure 

Good afternoon everyone,

4 days ago I got some lavender from the garden centre and I planted it straight away. I watered it well when I planted and then left it. Its in full sun as the instruction said but it's wilting. Trying to save it I found this chat so wondered if you could help me. What do I do? I don't think it's beyond saving so have taken it out and put it back in the original pot just incase it's down to soil...any advice would be great. Have attached a pic...