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Jess is in the Garden


I have a lamb's ear (I think! Very furry silver leaves) and a hardy geranium "Brookside" - both lovely and healthy plants and sited west facing in good soil. Growing well.

So why am I on here asking about them?!

Well, whenever the sun is on them, as has been gloriously over the last 4 days, for about 4 hours or so, the leaves on both these plants wilt. 

Then they perk uo again once the sun has gone.

They are well watered and show no signs of any other problem.

Is this normal?


Normal behaviour-they cannot take up the moisture quick enough-nothing to worry about

Happens to dahlias etc anything with a lot of leaf

If we EVER get some sunshine, plant a small pot beside each one, add some borage leaves and top up with water every morning, that should help them out, as the borage acts like a calmant. Same as with us in a Pimms!!!

Rainwater Fanatic

I love that idea biofreak. To follow your analogy, is it true that the more borage you add, the greater the risk of finding your plants horizontal? That is certainly true with me and Pimms.



Water in the morning. Plants take up water during the day and if you water at night/evening you are creating the perfect conditions for slugs and keeping plant roots damp all night.


Rainwater Fanatic

jess, have they recently been planted?  newly planted things need tender care for their first season 

Jess is in the Garden

I love the Pimms analogies.

You've only gone and mentioned my favourite drink and now I want one, though it's almost my bedtime...!

Thanks Verdun - yes, the geranium was planted back in early April (when it was still deep Winter!) but the lamb's ear/tongue/can't recall name is from Spring 2012.

This is a very hardy geranium though which withstands dryness and sun - don't get it!

And before I say goodnight, a photo to brighten your next few sunny days


Jess is in the Garden

Oh and thank you also to biofreak for a great idea dn to blairs for that pearl of wisdom - I've been watering at night for years!

Betty Brown Eyes

Oh me too! I'll need to set my alarm a little earlier tonight

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