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Would appreciate some advice on how to create wind breaks

 I have created raised bed area for veg etc but need

some sort of protection would like it to be attractive

cheap and not involve too much construction. Any ideas

would be lovely.

Possibly the cheapest and easiest fix might be those windbreaks fitted to wooden screens which are designed for beach use.
But maybe don't score too high on the attractiveness scale.
chilli lover

Grow a hedge? Whips are cheap enough. We've got hornbeam adjacent to our veg plot and websites are saying up to mid-April is still good to plant them beacuse of the cold weather.


What you need to do is to filter the air rather than try to block it.  If you put up something solid you'll cause eddies and currents that do as much or even more damage than the wind would have done without them. 


Thanks guys

Just ordered some wind netting so gonna give that a try and see if

it does the job fingercrossed 



hi whats wind netting, as i have the same problem with my allotment which is on a hill

Love it other wind netting available
???? That's where I've ordered it from
Did have a look around though so not to be
Bias in anyway????
The netting is 40% wind proof thus slowing the
Air so you don't get turbulence the other side
And it can also be used for shade in a greenhouse

When I made the fruit cage I had some left over greenhouse shading netting which I turned sideways and nailed around the sides of the frame. It works very well as a wind break. The hurdles the sheep farmers sue are another good wind break although they only seem to last around 5/6 years.

Hello Joyce. Another cornish member.
Enjoy the sunshine

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