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Hi Brumbull great to hear from you again hope your fit and well.


That's handy to know Brumbull, I've got loads of fuchsias that are still outside at the minute but will be in the greenhouse over winter.  Had a vine weevil problem for the first time this year  so I might use your method rather than resorting to neonics...


Hi Brumbull. Nice to have you back. Looking forward to some erudite comments from you again.

Will try that hot dip treatment over next few days.  Makes sense.  Will be cleaning greenhouse first,,maybe tomorrow.  


hi brumbull will this work on all indoor plants i have some pelergoniums and streptocarpus that keep getting green and white fly i dont like using sprays 

we havnt met before i dont think


Brumbull keeping well just now get my next treament next Friday will do your dip on my fuchsia's shortly. Do you take all leaves and flower's off the plant's got 5 standered's and 6 bush and trialing one's so plan to do them all.

Thanks for the info Brumbull. I will try drenching some of my bigger pots too and see if that works. It's certainly cheaper than Provado.

The potty gardener

Thank you for reminder Brum. I'll do the de leafing and hot dipping during half term, it's only two weeks away.  With the onesI'm trying to grow into standards should I leave leaves groing up the stem or take them off aswell?


The potty gardener

They are between one and two feet. I only started them in about May. I was going to put them in a plastic mini greenhouse. I'm on the south coast and it kept last years fuchsias in baskets ok. If that's not enough they would have to come somewhere into the house.

The potty gardener

Yes I want them as high as I can get them. Never tried it before so a new project for me. The annoying thing is I still haven't been able to get any cuttings to take so will have to rely on  buying little plants that haven't been pinched out next spring, to start some more off. I'll put them in mini greenhouse and keep a careful eye on the temperature- prehapsa bit of fleece if it gets cold.

Have you had a chance to see the twisted ones on the fuchsia growing thread started earlier in the year Brum?



Brumbull I had the dreaded vine weevil in my strawberries, can you use the jeyes method on plants that will bear edible fruit

The potty gardener

Thank you Brum. I'm wanting to start a Marinka next year. I will take note of everything you have said.

I've posted on the other thread to bump it up.

Thanks Brambull I have been using the provada treatment just thought this might be another option to target the little critters


This sounds a great idea Brumbull. I have quite a lot of Fuchsias and I noticed that a couple had got Fuchsia Gall Mite quite badly. I am going to use  your method with Jeyes Fluid. I also use Jeyes Fluid to spray around the garden, it keeps the cats out they seem to hate the smell.

Susan, just to say Provado OR hot dip.  Wasting your money if you hot dip after Provado.  



Thank you Brumbull. I have had to destroy a few plants which was just awful. I have got a Mrs Popple and I have only seen it on a few stems, I have had that plant since 1997. I have Googled it and found out that very cold weather can destroy the bug so I am hoping Mrs Popple will be ok as it is hardy and I leave it outside in the winter. I am still going to use your hot dip though.

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