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Heather Michaels

Hello again everyone, me again!

Sorry for the million questions today.

I bought a beautiful Wisteria "Amethyst Falls" a couple of weeks ago. Already quite well established and on a framework. All I've done is transferred it to a bigger pot and kept it from drying out and its in a sunny position as stated on the tag.

I've notice today that a few of the leaves have large brown patches on them, and several more have what looks to be rust spots on them.

I'm hoping I can stop it getting any worse before it gets better but not sure what's causing it. Other than the few leaves with problems, it's still looking pretty good and it is flowering so I'm hoping its not something that will go rampaging through the whole plant and kill it off.

Advice and suggestions gratefully received. Pics below (again, bear with them, its a blustery old day and trying to take the pics was like a comedy of errors!!). Of course as soon as I came back inside, dead calm!

Brown splodge in middle of leaf, which came off in my hand as I tried to get a pic.




Salino looks perfectly alright to me and at this stage I wouldn't worry about've got it in a nice big pot for now..... I have heard the flowers are a bit...smelly...not the nicest of smells... perhaps you could let us know what you think of this...? as I might be tempted, or not, to get one at some point...


I love the scent of the flowers. It looks healthy enough to me.

Heather Michaels

Thank you both. I'm happy now to just do as I have been with it and see how it goes.There are only a few flowers and not that sizey so I haven't noticed the smell yet. I'll go and have a sniff later and then I can let you know Salino.

Heather Michaels

Salino, I had a sniff. I thought it smelled quite nice actually, although in fairness its a young plant so it might be a different story when there are a lot more flowers! 



...that's good to hear..thank you...and good for you too!..

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