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Hi I have a very unhappy Wisteria Amethyst Falls. I planted this just over a year ago and last year it grew very quickly to around 12ft. This year it has not grown and I had only 4 flowers on it. There are hardly any leaves on it either, just a scattering at the base and on the top with very few In-between. It receives direct sun for all of the morning until early afternoon and I live in the south so one of the warmest areas in the UK. I didn"t prune it last year so maybe that"s the problem? Any suggestions on how to turn this into a lush floriferous climber are greatly welcomed! Thanks for your time!

Wisteria Frutescens needs sunshine to flower at its best, so the low light levels we've had this year may have contributed to a lack of blooms. If we get some more sunshine you may get a few more flowers this year.  Frutescens flowers on new wood, so it would have done better if pruned last year.  Prune it this year  after flowering and then pinch out the tips of new growth throughout the rest of the growing season.  That way you'll have lots of new wood to produce your flowers next spring.  Maybe a little potash next spring to remind it to flower would be an idea?


Thank you so much for the advice.. being a novice I wasn't sure if I pruned it this year whether it would come back at all! I will get straight on it!

Thanks again!


I had exactly the same experience, I didn't know how or when to prune. It shoot up the first year with loads of leaves (no blooms) and then this year it just sat there doing nothing.

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