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Please can you advise on a very healthy wistria 8 years old and not one flower- ever.  Pruned 1 year as per the experts -near to the ground but that didn't work either. 

 Well-fed in spring, and in large trough and plenty of sun and shelter, grows well every year but doesn't produce any flowers- any suggestions at what I am doing wrong?.


Hi, did you buy this wisteria as a named plant from a nursery, or did you get it from a friend or a plant stall or similar?   Wisteria do take a while to get to maturity  but those grown from seed rather than cuttings can take for ever to flower!  

As it's in a container, make sure it gets plenty of water in the late summer, as that's when the flower buds are forming.  

What sort of fertiliser has it been getting? - something with plenty of potash in it might nudge it into action - I'd sprinkle some sulphate of potash around it, or you could use a rose or tomato fertiliser.

And I'm a bit confused by your description of the pruning - you say you pruned it near to the ground one year?  What happened then?  Have you pruned it since?

Wisteria needs pruning twice a year to encourage the formation of the side shoots that bear the flowers I know it says do it after flowering, but just go by the time of the year if it hasn't flowered.

Good luck 


Thank you we will try the potash feed and tomato feed.  The plant was a young plant from the plant centre.

Checking hte websites the buds I can see look to be new growth rather than flower buds so may have to wait another year, but stop using all multi purpose feeds and high nitrogen feeds and use feed on the NPK of  e.g.0 20 0

Many Thanks


Fully agree with Dove.  I grew 2 wisteria from seed over 10 years ago and neither has yet flowered, despite being fed and pruned properly.  If anyone is interested in having a wisteria, I would highly recommend only buying one which is actually in flower in a garden centre.  That way you know what colour the flowers are and how fragrant they are.  Seed grown wisteria are extremely variable in those areas, and the 'good doers' are almost all grafted.  I'm now seriously considering buying a wisteria in flower and grafting pieces on to the ones I grew from seed, effectively demoting them to mere rootstock!

My wisteria has been flowering successfully for several years, but it hasn't flowered this year. It gets pruned properly at the right times and I can't think of anything that would affect it other than the weather although other wisterias close by are flowering.

many thanks 


We have 3 different varieties of wisteria, all proper nursery grown plants that all had flowers when we bought them but we have never managed to get a single flower ever since. We have followed the twice annually pruning to the letter, tried all the different techniques we could find online, asked the experts at the Gardeners World show etc (feeding potash, treating mean, lots of water late summer) but all to no avail. We have 2 in large patio containers and 1 in the ground now and despite looking healthy and producing many buds for beautiful foliage, that is all we ever get! 2 neighbours have very old wisteria that appear to grow from under tarmac/concrete patio slabs who spend no time pruning feeding etc and yet they are now covered in flower buds about to burst forth!! Very frustrating!! We will wait in hope though that one day they will finally provide us with the amazing fragrant flower display we bought them for!!


I would return to the nursery where you bought them and discuss it with them. 

Good luck. 

They were all from seperate nurseries over the past 5 to 10 years! Have asked them all and have followed their advice and still no flowers!! We have great success with everything else in our garden including some fantastic results with propogating tricky plants which makes this even more frustrating!!

How frustrating!!!

Can you swap houses with your neighbour and get them to look after your wisteria for a while? 

Perhaps copying your neighbours with a bit of benign neglect/tough love etc.  

I'd continue to prune properly but withold any feed for the next two or three  or even four years - I know that's ages but it's only the twinkle of an eye in wisteria terms -  you still have very young plants.  

Let them think that their lives may be shortened and they need to reproduce - but if your garden soil is good it may take several seasons before they notice the lack of feed.

Good luck 

Tough love it is then!! Anythings worth a try now!! Cheers

Can anyone help with this wisteria problem? I have lived in this house for 26 years and have a wisteria growing on a south east wall, It looked old when we moved in and gave some flowers. I prune it every year in the prescribed manner and it produces vigorous growth. About 22 years ago we built an extension and trained the wisteria across the new wall, now we get flowers on the new (22 year old) section but the other 60% of the vine doesn't produce a single flower - despite vigorous growth all over. I was thinking maybe of cutting out the barren majority of the plant an training growth from the new section back to the original area.

We had ours for about 8/9 years before it flowered but it was well worth persevering with as it was fantastic then, sadly we lost it when a wall collapsed on it mind you we had it for about 20 years.

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