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Can anyone suggest why the flowers on my wisteria flower to full bloom then drop off the vine.The plant appears to be very healthy and and about 10 years old

'cos that's what they all do!  seriously, though, the flowers (the whole stem is called a raceme, I think) don't seem to last all that long.  This year my wisterias weren't doing their best - due I suppose to the amount of rain we had when the flowers first began to open.  Those at the top of the racemes were well past their best & starting to die off before the whole had flowered.  What's usually left after flowering is a rather tough central "stem" which stays put even over the winter months, giving the plant a bit of a whiskery look sometimes.  I just snip them off - takes hours as the wisterias cover most of the front of my house!  If  any of them set seed, the pod looks a bit like a tough hairy runner bean pod and this will stay on the vine for months if you let it.   I don't think may people attempt to grow wisterias from seed - I believe they're mostly propagated using cuttings.  In any case, they take years to grow & be mature enough to flower, so if you're considering buying another one any time I'd suggest you get one which is in flower at the time of purchase.

We had a  very late frost when the flowers were almost at their best , but not quite, and they all turned brown and withered. It is always touch and go as to whether they really show their best...could this be what happened to yours ?

Thank's for the swift responce chap's.The reason i ask the question, is as i drive around some wisterias appear to be visable all year round,or is it just my imagination!

The other gardeners grass is always greener..... or wisteria better !

Don't despair...unless you are very exposed to frost/ bad weather hopefully we'll all do better next year !


Poppy Red

I think the weather messed up our wisteria this year.  Usually it is a mass of deep mauve flowers whereas this year the flowers were very pale and dropped very quickly - a mixture of downpours and wind I assume.

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