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John mcleod
I have an indoor/outdoor cat. She uses a litter tray and I use to wood based cat litter that is a natural product. Can I use this for anything in the garden, I am also going to start composting. Could it be used in this.

We add ours to the compost after first removing the poos.  It breaks down very well and helps to balance the nitrogen content from grass clippings.


Its a funny thing, but it is unusual to use carnivore poo in the compost and garden.  Herbivore seems to be fine though.


I would never use carnivore poo (or even the litter) in compost - carnivore poo contains a high level of pathogens and bacteria, most notably toxoplasmosis which can cause severe damage to the foetus in pregnancy - I have worked with children affected in this way.

Although I am well past the age where this would affect me personally, and I do try not to get too het up about neighbours' cats in my garden, I would never intentionally add this sort of dangerous contaminant to my compost. 

Hi, I use a mix of wood shavings and wood pellets in my letter trays, if I remove the poop, can i put the wet litter  into my compost bin and would it be ok to use on a veg patch after maybe 18 months - 2 years

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