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The woodpigeons eat the leaves off our ash trees - when it comes to a choice between the ash trees and the veg patch, I'm perfectly happy for them to eat the ash tree leaves - they've got to eat something, poor things  and come to think of it, I've eaten plenty of woodpigeons in my time 

Charlie November wrote (see)

Having the same thing here with a 25' ash tree. Feeding them will only encourage them. Personal recommendations: . . . . . . 

. . . . . Also, as a molecular biologist, I advise you to dispose of dead pigeons the way you would dispose of dog dirt, only using a larger bag.

This box won't let me type full width.

Charlie, having been forced to the conclusion that deterrent methods can be messier than the problem, I find myself thinking about trapping as one option and shooting as another.

Thanks very much for the shooting information, I shall read that carefully. I am an ex pistol shooter so skills are not the problem.

Do you know anything about trapping?

And re disposal, I don't have dogs, could you please be more specific? I suppose a dead pigeon dumped in a ditch or hedge bottom would soon disappear?

Is it worth getting out the recipe book? My vague recollection is that it's not worth the bother.


Heather Michaels

I'm stunned by this. We have wood pidgeons in our garden and have adult fruit trees (apple and plum) and our pidgeons (well I don't personally own them!) don't go anywhere near. Hmmm suspicious now. Perhaps the fruit is bad so they don't want it. Or the leaves are laced with poison. Or maybe they just don't like either variety of fruit. Feeling very lucky now.


We have had the same problem. Poor wee plum tree is being decimated by these big fat turkey sized wood  pigeons.!They are leaving the fruit, just munching on the leaves at the moment and snapping the tender branches.

So have dressed the tree out with cut plastic bags to make them look like tassels. They float about in the wind. Will keep you updated on the result.  Good luck

I've been chasing 8 wood pigeons off my poor cherry tree all day...Then I remembered I had bought the grandchildren a kite from the RSPB shop last time I collected bird seed...The kite is a very authentic Red Kite! I propped it up in the shrub below the tree....and the pigeons have disappeared! Brilliant!!!


I've been chasing 8 wood pigeons off my poor cherry tree all day! Then I remembered I had bought my grandchildren a kite at the RSPB when I last bought my birdseed. It is a very authentic Red Kite! I propped it on a shrub under the tree and the pigeons have vanished! Brilliant!!

There are actually people who can bring falcons to deter pigeons. Falconry Services are based in York but there maybe someone near you.

Thank you. Yes I know somebody who works at the airport with his! My kite is keeping the pigeons at the top of the tree so far!..Will attempt to prop it higher...and keep chucking my tennis ball up at them!

As of today it seems I have a pigeon problem with a small, two year old plum tree which is still small enough to spray with diluted washing up liquid (well, it works with aphids!). Perhaps this will work. My neighbour likes to shoot them with his air rifle but I think that's a bit drastic. The two terriers we have also like to chase them but both are getting a bit too slow to be effective now so hopefully the detergent will work


get a laser pen and flash them with that , they hate it and soon leave 

I would opt for the air rifle, assuming it is safe to do so. 


Giving them a good blast with a Power jetter works better than air rifles , street peckers hate getting a good wetting , and its hilarious fun LOL

I have had trouble with pesky pigeons for four years now. They strip my cherry tree of its leaves and fruit, so this year I tried hanging CD's but that has not worked. I have even set my dog on to them but they come back. I must get a gun!

Singing Gardener

I have the same problem with my cherry tree. It's only a dwarf one so this year I'm trying some cherry tree sleeves from Harrod Horticultural. Too early to see if the cherries will develop inside them though and they don't look that great.

Poor pigeons. Why all this talk of killing them. scare them off somehow by all means, but using air rifles and guns is horrific. They have a right to live. I love all the birds that come into my courtyard and wouldn't dream of hurting them. 


My Lilac tree has been decimated over the past 48 hours by 5 or 6 wood pigeons. This has never happened before. I am very puzzled as well as annoyed!

I'd be a lot fonder of pigeons if they wore nappies and didn't spend their whole lives flopping in and out of the surrounding trees copulating with each other.  If I had a gun I'd shoot at them but would almost certainly miss!

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