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Woodlice are eating my strawberries

I excitedly went to pick my first 3 red strawberries this afternoon. Beauties they were. Unfortunately, the second one I picked had been almost totally eaten inside - it was swarming with woodlice. I cut a second one in half and found an adult lice inside

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Woodlice are not the culprit- they are the scavengers-it is more likely slug or bird damage in the first instance-you will need to take precautions against both.

Alina W

Yes, I agree completely with Geoff - woodlice are not the problem. They move in when something else has done the damage already.

Last year blackbirds beat us to the strawberries so we have netted them - did it do the trick? No now the mice have moved in!!

use sellotape on the stems of your strawberries and that will stop the buggers from climbing up the stems as they will slip off  before they eat your strawberries


There is a fabric design called The Strawberry Thief, for good reason. It features blackbirds, they love soft fruit. 

Blue Onion

I've not tried it, but plan to this year.  Someone painted a bunch of small rocks to look like strawberries.. so the birds go down and 'pick' them, only to realized they were fooled.. so that by the time your real strawberries come the birds have given up.  I'll let you know if it works. 

Won't help you with the slugs unfortunately.  They're too stupid (or perhaps too clever?).


ive had to build a high up strawberry planter this year as my dog ate all mine last year, probably my fault as i always give him the strawberry tops when preparing them, he loves peppers carrot peelings and any other fruit & veg going come to think of it 

trust me it works ,it took me ages to work out what was eating my strawberries until I found a woodlice in 1 so soon as the straw berries are appearing I use packaging width tape just under the strawberries on the stem and it works a treat

Blackbirds got most of our outside strawberries last year also our blueberries, cherries and currants but slugs are also a problem with strawberries. I planted some strawberries in large hanging baskets in the greenhouse and poly tunnel - that stopped the pests, also easy to pick! The previous year I planted strawberries in an old sheep trough stood on blocks in the poly tunnel - birds and slugs avoided unfortunately not mice!!


i went out to check my strawberries last night and the area is crawling with wood lice, i looked it up and although they do mostly feed on rotting stuff it says they are also partial to strawberries and will eat them with no other help from slugs etc, i have also mulched my strawberry area with leaf mould so i am going to scrape that back as it is encouraging them to live there.

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