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we lost a large branch in the storm on Monday from our white willow on chainsawing it today to make logs find that the centre of the branch is soft, brown powder, full of woodlice and looking up where it snapped off the area is full of little holes, like woodworm - some advice please do you think its diseased 


The inside is rotten. Willow do that, sometimes they carry on for years in that state. Eventually, as you've found, they fall off. Or if it's the whole tree, it falls over. 

thank you for that I think it is a very old tree it must be about 70ft high do you know if there is anyway of finding out apart from cutting bits off if it is affecting the whole tree I am just worried that if the branches keep falling off that one will hit the house, the one that feel off monday only blocked the path and road and lucky no one was hurt 


Perhaps it would be worth contacting a tree surgeon to give it the once over if you're concerned about it Sonia. I know that might be an expense you don't want but it could be worth it in the long run for the peace of mind, especially if it overhangs a road or neighbouring property. 


Don't forget that the inside wood in any tree is dead. The only part of the trunk which is live is the cambium layer just under the bark. Indeed, many Oak and Yew trees do better once the inside has rottted away.

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