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I have a solution to your problem BillyC, I tried a soil coditioner called Purity, i would recommend you give it a go.


Something else to kill all the life in the soil ?

Deanos Diggin It

Which is exactly why I adviced BILLYC to try give up on chemicals n feeding stuffs back early last year, believe me, them 3 lawns were like "Bowling Greens" when I'd finished, they were a major talking point from the prospective buyers of the property! 

Now sold! 

Life moves on! 

BillyC, you have my sympathy. For years the steady march of casting worms has turned my lawn into a mud heap for 9 months of the year. The advice from well meaning eco friendly folks telling me that worms are our friends and I should just brush the casts off is of no use whatsoever. I have a south facing lawn which gets maximum sun but by the 3rd week in August casts begin and due to our damp climate,  the brushing off solution is not viable. I need chemicals. !!

If you do succeed in killing or dispersing all the worms that are currently living under and aerating the soil under your lawn you will then need to find a way to stop the soil there from becoming anaerobic and sour.

You may find that you can imitate the action of the worms by using those hollow tined forks, but they won't add humus to the soil in the form of leaves pulled down into the earth.

So then you will have to find a way of adding humus to the soil to keep it sweet and fertile. I suppose you could do that by buying some chemical fertilizer in a plastic bag.

Would it not just be a whole lot easier to let the worms do all this for you?


Fine words. But can you significantly address the problem : worm casts kill  sections of  lawn progessively from late August to late May ?

I think that, in trying to create a pristine monoculture in the shape of a spotless sward, you are attempting to defy the laws of nature. You can't. 


why don't you lay a slab of concrete and paint it green Hugh? that should solve any problems with worms

Ok guys, you win. How dare I suggest that those cheeky little invertebrates should be suppressed..

Try Castclear approx £30 for 1000ml bottle. Its a Wormcast Suppressant. I have just tried it as , I have a major problem too, so I will update you if it works.

I must say the all the remarks from people against a chemical solution, obviously do not have have the same problem as we do. It is a nightmare, are the lawn turns into a mud bath from August onwards, and no real chance of being able to walk around the lawn in the autumn through to spring.

We do have the same problem, Gra, but we just have a more philosophical, live and let live attitude. I slip and slide down my lawn (45 degrees to the horizontal) and risk life and limb to reach my lower garden. I take care, go slowly, wipe my feet before I go back into the house, and thank the worms for doing such a great job, unpaid, at looking after the soil quality of my garden.




I'm wondering about a different approach.  Lots of garden creatures do not like garlic.  Has anyone tried crushing some garlic, adding to a watering can and watering into the lawn?  It won't kill anything but if the worms dislike it they may move off.

Other things to try might be Citronella diluted or a tea made from Tagetes.  Worth a try do you think?  I'll try the garlic first.

Best wishes, Caeful.

Guys, Last year I my Mothers lawn was 2 inches thick in moss, hardly any grass grew at all. I applied moss killer3 times and raked it all out filling some 68 bags of the stuff over 100 sq yds. I used an electric raker. There was never a worm to be seen in the lawn which was starved for over 20 yaers may I add. Any how I re- sowed new seed and fed as recommended last May. I re-fed the lawn in September by granule method, weed /feed.   Now the lawn is covered in worm casts !  lumpy bumpy all over the place, it must have been the feed surely. 

  Now I wont be feeding but be living in fear of the moles, can I ever win?  

dont weed and feed and get THICK moss  -  hack it all out and apply feed/weed and get worm casts, leave em alone and get moles........  is it worth it all ?, one wonders.

   Interestingly  worm casts can be purchased on Ebay at around £14 for 30 litres....  mmm  wonder if they can come and fetch. mines free !

Try watering it with a squirt of Fairy Liquid in the water. - It won't kill the worms but will force them to the surface. The Thrushes will have a feast and the grass wont suffer

Presumably the thrushes kill the worms!!

Swallow them whist still alive I believe !