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Sara 4

Whenever we open our wormery, which is quite well established now, a load of tiny white flies (and I mean lots and lots) come out.  Are we overloading our worms or are these flies there from any particular type of peelings?  I can't describe the insects because they really are tiny and even with my glasses on I can't see what their wings are like or anything useful.

More importantly, are they likely to attack anything in the garden?


I have a problem with flies in my wormery too, I don't add anything citrus or acidic like onions I've added shredded paper when it's a bit wet. I even dusted it in the past with volcanic dust mite powder that is used for chickens to treat mites which was suggested to me by another member but I can't find that thread ...

Anybody else had experience of this ? worms seem very happy I just hate opening the lid i have to stand back whilst they escape. I have the Can o worms wormery and it sits outside in a sheltered spot.

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