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Im new on here so hi to everyone .

I would appreciate any advice. I have an oleander in a container outside. I have managed to keep it alive over winter, however it has developed brown freckles on the tops of the leafs. The freckles are smoothe and not raised. I havent a clue. I wonder if it could be damage from a late cold spell

Any advice is welcome


Hi Averil 2, A picture paints a thousand words if you can get one but at first guess I would agree with your gut feeling that it might be frost damage, we have had some very cold nights recently.  If we are threatened with more frost you could try and protect it by wrapping the pot and plant in fleece overnight and removing it in the morning.  I'm not an expert by any means but I don't think the damage shown on your plant so far will do it any harm apart from being a little unsightly.  Hopefully you will soon receive some more advice from others. Good Luck.

Thanks kjd. I will just leave it alone now. Ive sprayed it for everything poss and fed it so hopefully it will be okay.

Averil 2  I also have some  dwarf oleanders, the advertising said they thrive on heat and drought but I wonder what you feed them with and how often to water.

Hi Phil, I give them a wee bit of bone and fishmeal in spring and from then on just some miracle grow

Advertisement follow on from that Phil, im afraid im a wee bit hit and miss with feeding. Never sure what to use and how often 

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