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This plant is a self-comer in my garden and a friend pointed out to me it might be Japanese Knotweed because of the red stems, can anyone identify this plant for me please? ( hope its not knotweed!!)

Any help very much appreciated!

Hi, that looks more like a cyclamen to me

Oh that would be so much better than knotweed!

Its the spiky leaves and red stems that concerned me



Hellebore seedling?

Def Not JKW

Ive had the same heart in mouth moment which turned out to be suckers from a cherry tree!

That looks a winner Fidgetbones! relieved its not jkw 

very close to a cyclamen too bekkie - thanks peeps

Yes its not something you want to find in your garden


Definitely a hellebore but not one of the orientalis hybrids.  sternii?

Thanks nutcutlet 


..Helleborus argutifolius... I would say...from those toothed leaves...

you peeps know your stuff!

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