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Hi everyone. I have a flower thats growing in the back of my garden that is a total mystery to me. I did not plant it and cannot find a picture or name of it on the web.

Does anyone know what this is called?

Thank you in advance for any help.


will need a picture or description at least

Seems the file I am using is too large. Going to have to make it smaller and I don't know how. Great start.

  Thats better.

My best guess would be that it might be a wild lily, possibly Lilium mackliniae.

It certainly has lily-like leaves.


Look svery similar to Crinum x powellii, nice looking too.


Thanks for those guys. I have checked each suggestion. Each one has the flower sprouting out from the top. My one seems to be flowering out of the stem in a circular crown arrangement. Maybe it has not developed yet. The picture above was taken last year and it was the first time it had shown any flowers. The whole plant is about 2 foot tall. each leaf is about 3 foot long. I sense there is more to come.

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