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I have a row of agaphantus which have been growing beautifully until their leaves started turning yellow over the last week.  Perhaps I am over watering them in the hot season but I am wondering how to fix the yellowing leaves.


Rebekah, where in the world are you please? 

Brisbane - Australia



In the UK if my agapanthus leaves yellowed in the growing season I would put it down to over-watering.  I would remove any really yellow leaves and cut back on the watering.  

If you could persuade some of your cricketers to take up gardening instead of sport we'd be very grateful 

Yes, it does sound like over watering.

Hmmmmmm...Dove.   Don't want to hear too much about cricket down under.  The Aussies know we are beaten, thrashed, humiliated........


I'l give the really yellow ones a trim back.  Thanks.   As far as the cricket goes...sorry but Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.


Verdun, I'm blaming my friend Richard - he went to Brisbane for the first Test - it all went downhill when he walked into the Gabba - I'm not sure if he'll ever dare come back to the UK - just as well he lives in Germany  

Think I shall cultivate an interest in Rugby - I met that nice young chap Halfpenny's uncle at a family birthday party the other day - that'll do for a start 

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