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My foxgloves have done very well this year, but since the flowers have finished the leaves have gone very yellow, do I need to feed them and if so what's the best thing to feed them with? Thanks.


If your foxgloves are the Digitalis purpurea variety they are dying. They are biennials so they grow from a seed one year and flower and set seed the next. Then, mission accomplished, they die. Save the seeds and start again.


Foxgloves (the usual Digitalis purpurea varieties) are generally considered biennial and once they've flowered they die. You might get the odd one last another year but rarely very good.

Let them seed for future years.


If they are common foxgloves, they usually die after flowering (they are 'biennial' plants) so that is normal.  If they are a perennial type like 'Illumination pink' then you could try watering and feeding them.  Even the perennial ones only last a few years though.  If you have common foxgloves and want them next year then sprinkle the seeds where you want them to grow and with luck you'll have some germinate before the winter and those which do should flower next year.



 that sounds so sad,  not sure what type they are but they flowered last year and this year were much bigger with more flower stalks.


 I think we're more or less in agreement Sarah. Don't be sad, prepare for next year!


I have some new self seeded plants so that's good, do I just dug up these old ones or wait for them to die back?


Up to you really. I'm lazy and just let them fade away.

Katherine W

Cut them back short and leave them if they are not in the way... they might still make a comeback (I have had some plants for 4 years now!)

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