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Many thanks ( I think ! ) for that.I will do all you recommend and hope for the best .The plants are in the soil in the greenhouse so not movable... thanks again for your help and here's to  great crops of fantastic toms for us all...Jo


No problems, Jo. I've got my own woes here in Tuscany - baking heat, flowers cooking in the heat, not a lot of fruit forming. Sigh.

We gardeners are never really happy are we ?!  At the moment yours is a problem we could do with right now wildflower meadow is sitting in a flood , my huge rambler roses are rotting in the bud , the moorhens and slugs are happy so we head off to an open air concert tomorrow with wellies rather than flip -flops !



The words gardener and happy are not usually found adjacent to each other, no.

You're in Dorset? We've got friends in Dorset. They just got home from a visit here to find the strawbs rotting amongst other things. I think that climate would drive me insane. All in all, I'll take the baking heat, even if means watering twice a day. Not the toms, though.


Yep, fungal - ventilate, ventilate, ventilate - and sunshine would help 


Anyone have any ideas on these yellow spots? They're only on these three plants in a brand new grow bag (in my greenhouse)


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