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My escallonia, about five years old, has lots of its leaves turning yellow, though there are flower buds showing too.  Is it like the rhodies and azaleas which need acid soil and perhaps I should be giving it some rhodie food or iron?  Thanks in advance for any advice.


they can't need acid soil Poly-anthus, they grow here, very alkaline.


Escallonia seem just to do this, I wonder if it is when they get a bit cool?  They are green all year so they do have to shed leaves at some point, it certainly has been nothing to worry about over the years - suppose it depends just how much of the shrub is going yellow?  A general feed can't hurt, they don't need ericaceous feed just something like seaweed mixture. 

Thanks Nutcutlet and Bookertoo.  It does get a bit cool  here in the North of Scotland, so perhaps that's the answer.  Perhaps I'm worrying too much.  I'll give it a feed as suggested and keep my fingers crossed.  Thanks again.

could be a fungal disease , there is one specific to Escallonia , often purple or black spots preceed yellowing and leaf drop. Can be treated with a spray eg/ Bayer multi rose 2 etc.

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