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Hi, I'm hoping to use the collective expertise on here to identify this plant which keeps popping up all over my garden.


It has a woody stem and seems to grow very quickly - every time I turn around there's another one about a foot tall!


It looks like elderberry to me tonks, rip it out before it gets a hold.


Looks more like a baby ash to me, also to be ripped out as diddy suggests


Looks like ash to me too or as I know it 'The Weed of Trees'


Get rid of every last one you find or you will regret it forever! :P

I used to pull them out - it takes quite a bit of strength - but since this ash dieback thing I've not been quite so quick to get rid of them. I may be growing one with resistance to this dreadful menace.



Good point. 

I'd be living in a forest if I left all the ash, field maple, oak, hazel, sycamore, norway maple......................................................................and the rest

This is an ash tree, which if left, will grow to a sizeable specimen in a few years as I learnt to my detriment. Only leave it to grow where it is if you have the required space. But pull out any like nut cutlet if you don't require a forest.

Thanks for all of your answers - I've spied 6 in my garden tonight.  When I have some time I will pull them out and re-pot some of them, like waterbutts said, one of them might have resistance to ash dieback?!  


6???????? I pulled out over a 100 from just one bed yesterday!

Thanks Berghill, that makes me feel better!

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