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Hi there,

I bought a gooseberry plant from a pound store in summer, and planted it in my garden in a fairly sunny spot. It looked like it was doing OK but towards autumn it was looking a little off colour, and in winter it has lost all of its leaves. Is this normal?

Yes, gooseberry is deciduous. The leaves will reappear in spring.

Stacey Docherty

Yes they should.... Use this as an opportunity to identify potential pruning as they are best pruned in a bowl like shape to keep good air flow.... I identify branches that need to be pruned and mark them so when I can prune them and they are full of leaves I will know where

Thanks peeps! It's too small to be called 'bush shaped' yet, but hopefully soon...

And try to grow them on a "leg".........again encouraging air flow.  Love my goosegogs 


Hiya rookie

Growing on a leg means having the main stem clear of shoots for a length of 20 to 40 cm.  it means more air circulation and prevents branches rooting into the soil.  Just remove branches too close to the soil and rub out any buds there too. None of this is crucial but it does make for a healthier bush amd that classy case shape.


When and how do you prune gooseberries?



This is pretty clear 

There are also some videos on YouTube if you like googling 

As you're really getting into pruning you might find 'How to Prune by John Cushnie' helpful - it really is the best book on pruning that I'm aware of and is my bible.  

It's available on Amazon, second hand copies go for very reasonable amounts.


Thanks. I have looked at a few videos on u tube and now I am an expert!  What a shame my bush is bairly visible now. Perhaps I got carried away!

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