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I bought this conference pear tree 2-3 years ago for £3 reduced in homebase. We moved house a year ago and it came with us because it was still small. So it's only been in the ground for 1 year in it's current position, I wasn't expecting flowers for years!

 I pruned it for the first time this winter and I noticed yesterday it was starting to sprout flower buds. Should I remove these? or is it ok to leave them? I'm not sure it's strong enough yet, to support fruit. Please help.




I'd let it flower. If it sets fruit, take them all off except one. That shouldn't harm the tree and it will give you a taste of what is to come.

Ooh thank you, that's a great idea. I can almost taste it now. Luckily the boyfriend doesn't like pears, so I get to eat it all.

Steve 309

Yes - I'd let it flower but  not fruit....much

Unless you want a big tree I'd also prune it in the winter, taking out the leader to encourage the development of a 'bush' form with branches at a convenient height.

Conference is reputed to be self-fertile: I'd be interested to hear your experience of this, when it happens!

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