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If you can't seem to find the two toolbars with their useful icons that should be top and bottom of your discussion pane (ie where you would write your contribution to whatever discussion you are are currently viewing) the you are probably also unable to post photos into your discussions. I'm afraid I am NOT the expert you need but have made an elementary discovery which may help newcomers. (For some reason, as yet it doesn't seem to help me, though) Lower down the Forum page you should find a 'Help' link which will take you to the Forum Help page. it has a section entitled "How to format a forum message" It is accompanied by two toolbars (including tree icon) which other members offering help to me keep referring to. They should be top and bottom of your messaging pane ... but FOR SOME REASON ARE'NT ON MINE! I don't know how to get these to appear with my discussion pane. If you DO I would be grateful for the secret! It's not just on my iPad, which I thought was unique in being unable to deliver the toolbars, but even on my laptop! It seems to me that helpful Forum members should not have to waste any more time on trying to solve this for me so I'll have to ask GW website managers to advise why I (and a few other members it seems) seem to have a version of GW website that is 'missing some of its parts'. Are you one of those members? My next move is to draw GW website managers' attention to it to see if they can help. If you have similar problems perhaps you should do the same in case there is a 'gremlin' in the works somewhere. Thanks again everyone.

Just to let you know that following contact ironing the web managers for GW my toolbars have at last appeared above my discussion window. 

so if you have the same problem - you know who to contact:


Wild about Flowers
I have the same problem you had Birdy13 so will take your advice
and email Will let you know what
happens and thank you!

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