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 Springs around the corrner  

Linda Gruchy

I can't upload from my computer. I have to go via an external host.



Delphinium in bloom again 13th December 2011


hi is anyone there.. i am new to this site and trying to load pictures in my gallery to add to forums..but i cant find way to add them

Hi I copied my pictures to paint, made them smaller and saved them as a jpeg file. Then you should be able to add them flowing the links when clicking the picture icon, I haven't worked out yet what exact size it has to be it was just trial. Hope it helps good luck.

I open mine in Microsoft Picture manager which gives you an option to change the file size and also has some preset options perfect for the web.

Daniel Haynes

Reply to gardeningfantic: the file size limit for uploads is 1Mb, so if your images are below that, you should be able to upload them using the tree icon, in the menu at the top of the input box. If you have any further problems, just me let know and I'll do what I can to help.



to everyone..many thanks for your replies.. i will keep says either to big or file name not correct.. all pictures are jpeg thou so dont understand that.. the sizinf iam trying to sort out.


You can go round the houses slightly-upload them to photobucket then you can download direct using the direct link-there is then no need to resize.

@ gardeningfantic - I had this problem using IE8. I then tried Safari (the apple browser, which you can download) and had no problems. Or,as Geoff says, upload the pictures to photobucket and use the external link option.



OHG!! i did it.. took some doing.. had to change to BMP and really reduce picture.

Jo Stephenson
Is it me or is it because I'm using an iPad but I can't even see how I can upload a photo?

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