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Hello Dovefromabove thanks for your message and I do take your point.If you could take the bits of  expertise and experience from everybody on this site and roll it into one brain you would have the best expert on horticulturing ever. Respectfully Yours Brian Cooper.

Bunny ...
just one big brain on here

Good luck with your veg in Pots growing Bunny.

Bunny ...
Thanks Brian .... I shall be on here asking many questions always

Welcome Brian, I hope you're finding your way around now.  I'm still learning where things are here and I think getting to grips with a computer in 6 weeks is no mean feat.  I take my hat off to you for getting on board. 


Hey up inezhardie thanks for your kind call.Much appreciated.Regards how do I turn this blasted thing off AAARRGGG.

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