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I am an old begger and have been on an allotment for 45 years.My problem is I have only had computer for 6 weeks but Im learning how with help from my son in law.This is my point.A section for absolute beginers would give them confidence to ask about getting the help from your experienced members.They seem a pretty expert lot and Im sure they would give these folks agood helping hand.

Bunny ...
Brian , welcome . A lot of us are beginners or new to the forum . I was not sure where to ask when I started (still don't ) . Just mingle on in .
Some questions have already been ask so if you type into search box for instance ...growing strawberries... It will bring information up.
There are many pages of different questions asked , we all started somewhere .
I have a new ish garden , but learning to grow own things like flowers and veg also taking cuttings . Lots of help on here . Have a good read . Don't feel you are alone .. You arnt

I actually think that this is a poor idea, as a new gardener I may want to ask for general advice or something specific and would appreciate help from both experienced gardeners and fellow newbies and even people who have only been gardening for a few years.

Putting all the newbies in their own section would be a bit pointless. And even if people do ask in the wrong section Bunny and Geoff will help them find what they are looking for.


Hi, Brian. If you've had an allotment for 45yrs, sounds like you already have lots of experience and it's always nice to have more veg growers...reading the daily threads is a good place to start... and reply or ask Q's when you want...posters are really friendly and helpful. 

What you are asking for is a welcome thread. There is a site feed back thread which you can post on...your idea sounds good...if you post on there with the idea , I'm confident you'll get a response.   


Zoomer-this is on the site feedback page

Cannot quite understand what Brian is asking for to be honest


Bunny ...
Somewhere to speak to others without feeling threatened by the experience obviously on here Geoff ..I see the point , but better to mingle in I think .
Some members may appear a little frightening to newbies

sotongeoff thanks for your comment. All I am suggesting is spot where people who have never had a garden  a allotment or window box can have a place to sign in and  say hey up its me how do I start on this here garden.


Would never work Brian-with this forum and the way it operates- it is not designed in that way-best to just ask a question and someone will reply


I take your point Geoff but a 5000 mile journey starts with the first step.


This often happens and very soon become 'part of the forum'. The best  thing to do is to look at Latest Posts and chip in if you can help or go to New messages. We were all new at some time and it certainly gives alot of info if you ask 


Brian welcome , Grab your Spade / Fork with both hands and jump in there's no such thing as a silly question Ive posted a few and got really nice answers


Happy st Paddys day

Bunny ...
I have only been here 5minutes and been taken over by it all

Bunny I just lurv my allotment and want others just starting to get what Ive had from it.


I like the mix of beginner and experience. A place for beginners only wouldn't get many questions answered. I am an experienced gardener, but only in my areas of expertise. I know nothing of other areas. I doubt if I'm alone in that. Because of this mix of experience a question rarely goes unanswered.


welcome brian to the forum im sure you can tell us a thing or two about your allotment,so tell us what its like and what are you growing at the moment.


clogherhead thanks for the welcome and as we sez up here in Yorkshire I tek thee point old lad.

Hi Brian - Chica's suggestions could get you started - could you tell us how you first began with your allotment?   Were you the first in your family to do this, or did you copy what your own family had done before?  What's been your favourite thing - what's been the most successful, & have you had any dismal failures?  Is there anything you've tried to grow & then thought "never again"?  What would you sugggest for someone who's just starting out?


There are lots of people who "lurk" on these kind of websites and read the posts before actually joining in - it doesn't mean your advice and suggestions wouldn't be read by loads of people who might be a bit wary of starting to ask questions themselves but would like to hear about what people are doing.

hollie hock

Hello, there's all sorts of experience on here. I like how nutcutlet puts it. I've had my garden for just over 2 years, but have been growing houseplant for years. I'm neither a beginner or an expert (who is?) just someone with some experience of what I grow. 

Have to say though as you've been on an allotment for over 40 years I'm sure you have loads of good advice and tips.



Hi, some of us have lots of experience in one area and very little in another - where would we go? Just jump in and ask a question - most of us don't bite, some of us are too old to have any teeth !
Bunny ...
I'm only just starting growing veg in pots so I am all ears ......haaaa being a bunny I guess I would be