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has anyone used these products or maybe chicken manure ?thank you for any help given


I use pelleted manure in my garden, either chicken or a mix of chicken, cow and horse.   I then use specific fertilisers for plants like roses, tomatoes and celamtis plus garden compost to imprpve the soil structure and micro organisms.

Growmore is a chemical by product of the oilindustry and, whilst it feeds plants temporarily, it adds nothing to the soil and good plants are all about good soil.

Chicken pellets and 6x are similar ....they are for mulching, enriching the soil, mixing with the soil for planting and give some feeding.  Essentially they "feed" the soil. These are organic

Gromore Is a straight fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium plus trace elements.  It feeds the plants but does nothing for the structure or well being of,the soil. It is more of a quick fix. Usually these are inorganic....chemicals

I much prefer organic materials.....they break down slowly in the soil and help create steady but sure growth.  Gromore and the like are fast acting

So for annuals, tender perennials, tomatoes, some fruit Gromore has a role to play but I Much prefer organic fertilisers like seaweed spray


I have had excellent results with chicken pellets for the last few years. Both on flowers and in the allotment

 thank you all very much for help given to me .growmore seems like a poor choice so i will try 6x i have dug in lots of well rotted manure it the start of the winter and dug it in as its a new plot



Well done for putting in the manure.   In future years you can just lay it on, or garden compost, at the end of autumn and the worms will work it in for you over the winter.

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