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Hi there, I think it would be a great idea to have a 'Plant Id' forum topic specially for people to post images of plants that they are not familiar with. I think it would be very helpful.



Hi Bluefingers

We often try to help ID plants - just start a thread asking for an ID and post a few pictures of the plant in question, showing whole plant from the side, leaves, stem, flowers etc. Size is also helpful.

To post a photo on here you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where yo type your post and follow the instructions to upload a picture from your pc.  Sadly it doesn't work for phones - yet.


The problem with this forum is that it is so active, posts very quickly find themselves on second, third and subsequent pages. What we need are 'sticky' topics which sit on top of all the posts. Then it would be easier for folk to find them and collect all similar posts into the one area.

I agree, or an easier way to get at them , in all honesty the whole thing including the issue with mobile devices needs looking at

I understand that there are changes and improvements planned for the website including the forum,  before too long. 


Yes so am I!! I've been reading the forum for a long time and I was so impressed by the gardening knowledge of so many people and advice/suggestions given freely. It's also a very friendly site. I've now joined the forum site and enjoying it even more!!May I take this opportunity to thank all members for sharing your knowledge with me. Long may this continue!!!!


Great that you've found the forum so helpful FC. In the eighteen or so months I've been here, I've had loads of wonderful  advice and help from  other members, and also lots of support. Long may it continue. There are some terrific people here   

Dove's right - there are lots of plans in place for the site, so that will make it even better. 

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