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I've had the same problem and thought it was just my computer playing silly devils. I guess it's a glitch their end.

Alina W

It might also be to do with the size of text that you are using - if you increase the size of the text, it can make things misalign.

By the way, you can get rid of the adverts with Adblocker.

Alina W

If your text is 100% them things should line up properly, so it's probably a glitch.

Adblocker is a program that you can download which removes the adverts from your page if you find them annoying.


@David K, I am experiencing exactly same issues as you, including no cursor outside quote boxes

I think this is a reflection of back office work going on with site maintenance. I have those probs intermittently on PC, but not on iPad. But on iPad, don't have full functionality re edit messaging, posting smileys/ pictures/ links to other websites. Still think it's a great site though.



It just happened to me when I came onto the forum a minute ago. It's happened a few times before - I never do anything differently - so decided it must be a hitch in the program.

hollie hock

There's some great software out there to block out adverts, Ad muncher is great!


Thanks HollieHock. Do these ad blocker programs do other sneaky things to ones computer? I always worry about importing the PC equivalent of japanese knotweed!!

hollie hock

Hi FloBear,

Only just seen your post. I've not had any problems with it at all.In fact I wouldn't be without it. It even blocks TV ads when watching programmes on a player.

It does it's job quietly in the background, when I use other laptops without  it, it's then I notice the difference




Yes, threads fly past at a great rate of knots, don't they?

Thanks, Hollie-Hock  for taking the trouble to reply, I'll give it a go.


heres the link to get rid of them stupid adds conncenceing all sites aulluyear........try it 30 days trial up to you .......

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