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Woodgreen wonderboy

Am I the only person who is getting increasingly annoyed at the pop-up M-G advert at the foot of every new page I look at. Why can't I kill it once and for all?

I will never buy this product again unless it stops annoying me. So there!


No - it's driving me silly. In fact i keep leaving site

Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks Matty2... people power can get this removed. Come on the rest of you.


..I was so annoyed with it I've stopped using Internet Explorer to access the site... I now use Mozilla Firefox with Adblock Plus as an add on... if you do it this way, it removes all these annoyances...


I'd paid so little attention to it I hadn't realised what it was advertising



Driving me nuts...Salino you are so smart, I don't know anything other than IE,  I just keep swearing at the screen.


But the advertising revenue is probably paying the army of people that are fixing the site's numerous bugs !  I must have tunnel vision, as I soon filter these things out of my consiousness


I use internet explorer 9 and don't see adverts like that as I have added both adblock and tracking protection, which is built-in to IE9.  See this Microsoft page:

The best advert blocker and tracking protections lists are by 'fanboy' from New Zealand, in my opinion.  Google "fanboy adblock tpl" to find it.  Then click on each "Add tpl" and follow the simple instructions.  They can easily be undone by using Tools, Manage Add-ons,Tracking Protection.

its started on mine now what is this rubbish dont they understand it just annoys everyone,And its no better than comfry or nettle juice which is ,Free cant they get rid of it

It pays for us to use the site.  I just ignore it.  I'm glad there is a gardening forum as both the BBC and the RHS have closed.


I use Mozilla with adblock, otherwise ads drive me potty

sweet p

The annoying thing about this ad is that it just keeps coming back no matter how many times you click on the cross. I understand that ads are neccessary to help run the site and don't have a problem with that , but I too left the site yesterday because it just became sooooooo irritating 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I accept that we have to have ads. to fund our fun on here but this particular add pops up and obscures useful space at the bottom of the screen, including the "submit" button. Ads to the side are OK.

This is annoying me, too.  More than once I've accidentally missed the 'close' button and opened the blinking thing up.  I don't think that particular product is aimed at people that already garden, as it's a 'shake over a raked area' type product that gives particular coloured flowers, which I wouldn't want.  When I do grow flowers I like to know what they are, and they're grown for a particlar reason.  Not because I want a border that's in shades of pink.

Ads to the side are fine, as they don't obscure anything and I can ignore them if I'm not interested.


i am using ie because i am at work but i have never seen this advert once.


i feel lucky now,

oic, now i dont feel so lucky!


Noticed it's gone as well - too many complaints??