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Can I just say how much I like this site for all sorts of reasons, yet how annoying it can be.  You send me an email and I may go straight for the competition to start with.  It allows me to fill in my details before it informs me I have to sign in first.  So I try.  this time it took me several attempts as for some reason autofill had added a space to my email which I didn't notice, so I tried several passwords until I noticed the error.  Then I had to fill in the captcha 4 times before I got it right, and it looked clear enough to me!  On a lesser site I would have given up by now.  By the time I have done all this (and it's not the first time I've had similar problems) I have no time to visit the forums and the advice that I had come here to do in the first place.

Can you not consider modifying the site so that I am logged in from my email as happens on other sites, that can identify that the email is wrong when it is, and that can make sure the captcha is working correctly?  

I haven't even managed to enter the competition yet... maybe I will come back tomorrow.


I am always logged in direct from my email   Never had a problem.

Ah thank you - that is interesting.  I used to be logged straight in, but the last few months this hasn't been happening


I logged in sometime last autumn and have never logged out.


Me too nut. Never log out since I joined.



I logged out once, accidentally - by clicking on Log out up in the top right hand corner when I was trying to avoid a pop up advert.  I had to set up a new password to log back in Doh!!! 


But you might have done so accidentally - just like me 

Anyway I do seem to be logged in now - but will it last???  Thanks guys - will let you know if I have any more problems with it.

  I too have had this problem, It knows my E mail but wont accept my pass word.

  i have so many problems

all of the time with the computer  I should be used to it by now.

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