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Well said Pentillie.

Hope evreything is going well for your daughter just now. 

Pentillie keep your chin up hope all goes well for your daughter and family take care.


My best wishes to you & your family Pentillie.

Stacey Docherty

Best wishes for you and your family pentillie.... I feel similar as when I was recovering from brain tumour surgery it kept my spirits up as well..... 

star gaze lily

Hope your daughter gets better soon. My very best wishes to you and your family


Thanks everybody, your thoughts are much appreciated.

Oakley Witch

Hmmmm...I havent been on since the last spat where I was recieving emails saying dont talk to this one...dont talk to that one. I was hoping things would have calmed down by now. Thanks Daniel...I will be hanging on for a few weeks to see how things go. I really hope this is sorted. I love my wee garden and its residence and have met some lovely people on the forum. Heres hoping it get sorted 


Hi OW - I have been here since the last spat - and everything has been lovely until just a couple of weeks ago.  You picked a bad time to come back, but hopefully things are now under control.  Would be great to see you posting again - after all seed sowing time is nearly here again !

How did your seedlings from last year progress?  Were you pleased with the results?  If so, some pics would be lovely


Oh no .  I've been away for some time and came to rekindle some lovely old friends to find this and that they are no longer here.


OW started the seed swap last year and we had some great fun, such a shame.... Back to the books then I guess (


Plenty of us still about Lisa and the seed swap has been very active


I've met you before here Lisa and there are still people here who were there when you last came. The odd one has changed her name though, like Matty 2.

New to this forum and haven't come across any really bad stuff but sorry to know that other participants have suffered.  

Gardening is ( or at least should be ) the most inoffensive pastime going.  Like any other subject, there are always differing opinions - what works in your garden may not work in someone else's but generally we are laid back, generous and altogether nice people.

It seems to be a good forum to me............I find I can say what works for me but always with the proviso that someone else has a different/better idea.  I've been a keen gardener for over 30 years but I'm always willing to learn  - as are most true gardeners.

Pentillie...........I wish you and your family well.........if possible, just ignore the rubbish ........most of us are OK 

Hiya philippa

For me this is the best forum around. The only offensive stuff has been when spammers try to encroach but even that is pretty comtrolled.

Thoughts with you Pentillie.



Hi Philippa


Sorry to read your daughter is ill Pentillie, I hope things are getting better a few months on from your post.


Yey glad your still here, been away too long but unfortunately last year lived up to the 2013 and more the unlucky 13!  Oh well, onwards and upwards.

Sorry about my blank post I thought I had replied last night with my wonderful iphone thingy but I guess I've not quite mastered all of its functions yet.

I was quite busy in the garden last year with a few new project completed but caused myself a few dilemmas ready for this year but with the help I got here last year I'm sure I'll figure them out.

Really glad to read everything's happy in the garden


star gaze lily

Hi lisa69, pleased to meet you, I joined in september. Its great here, lovely people and great advice.


Hi Star Gaze Lily - what a lovely user name nice to meet you...


I know the people here are fab,, this forum really brightened my days this time last year after having been redundant and feeling a little low I would loose myself here reading for hours and the advice and inspiration was and still is priceless..

I am looking forward to getting involved again and learning even more


Hi lisa 69 - welcome back 

star gaze lily wrote (see)

Hi lisa69, pleased to meet you, I joined in september. Its great here, lovely people and great advice.

Was it only September?  Seems as if I've known you for yonks! 

star gaze lily

Yes, Dove, I got this samsung tablet for my birthday and joined a few days after. One of the best pressies  I've had. If OH hadn't bought me this I wouldn't have joined and met all you lovely friendly people.  I really feel i've made some good friends here.

Thank you lisa69.  Yes i too find it cheers me up some days, some of last year really was '13'  for us, hoping 2014 is luckier .