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How very sad it is when a flaming gardening forum can't be a place of mutual respect, learning and pleasant banter.

I have only been a member a short time but it seems there are more strops and in fighting in threads here than not which is really quite pathetic. I was previously a site admin at a popular football forum and there was nothing remotely like this.

Is there not a code of conduct that members need to adhere to? There should be no tolerance of personal remarks, threads promoting ones own self importance and slating of other members.

Surely there are admin here who can take action by deleting the needless content of those who desire to be top dog of a gardening site? Come on, sort it out before the forum is totally enveloped in this tosh and if necessary ban the repeat offenders whoever they be. The constant drivel posted by some does tend to give it away.  

Maybe Gardeners World could run a feature in their next mag?



Read 'The Full Monty' page 17 GW magazine

Bit different to his normal stuff!


Can always report to Moderator as well.

Daniel Haynes

Hello AJK,

Yes, we do have a forum code of conduct, which you can read here:

I quite agree with your comments. "Strops and in-fighting" are not very helpful, and only detract from the true purpose of this forum - for people to share a love of plants and gardening, to exchange ideas and help each other resolve problems.

We will remove comments that breach the code of conduct, and - if absolutely necessary - entire threads. We'd really rather not do this, as we don't want to stifle free speech, but we don't publish the forum as a platform for people to pick fights with each other. We're running a gardening forum, not a kindergarten! So, if we find any more threads started for the sole purpose of spreading arguments, they will be removed from the site. Likewise, any comments disparaging other users.

Sniping and griping shouldn't have any place in what is usually a very positive and friendly forum. Let's keep it that way!

Daniel Haynes





Thank You , Daniel.

The flamers always start at the weekend, when I presume there are no admin on?

Is there any way that they can be stopped in their tracks ?


Thank you Daniel 



Daniel - that is very reassuring.  I will make more use of the "report to moderator" button if I know that this will result in stuff being removed. 

The vast majority of us are on here because we love gardening, love learning about gardens from other people and love sharing what we know with others.  It beggars belief when people set out to deliberately try and detract from that.  But there you go, I am now older and wiser

Daniel Haynes

Hello fidgetbones,

We'll continue moderating the site as usual. We try to be as 'hands off' as possible - we don't wade in to minor disputes, which are a perfectly natural part of any gathering of people, whether online or in the 'real' world. The odd bit of 'argy bargy' is different, though, to the peevishness which has cast a pall over the forum of late.

So, if need be, we'll be slightly more 'hands on' with the 'delete' button. I'm hoping it won't come to that, though!





Thanks Daniel. The forum is loved by many, and it would be awful if knowledgeable, kind people leave because of this sort of thing. 


Thanks, Daniel. I am sure we will all feel better for it.  Lets get back to gardening chitchat. As I have said before, we offer an opinion, which may or may not agree with someone elses viewpoint, because we all have different gardens and experiences. There is no need for slanging matches.

Hi Daniel,

Many thanks for your re-assuring response. It is very off-putting for new posters to drop in the middle of this and try to make sense of things and the rights and wrongs of the various arguments. But it is very clear as to who holds, or at least think they hold the big spoons here......

The love of gardening should be the main focus as this is what has brought people here in the first place - there are plenty of other forums where there are sections dedicated to conflict between members. Gardening should be relaxing, peaceful and inspiring so hope everyone can get back on track!




Many thanks Daniel.


Daniel this afternoon I have reported two posts to moderator that I hope you will look at. Thank you.


I think we are all referring to the same ones.

Stacey Docherty

Daniel I asked you to remove my netiquette post as it was posted to remind certain people of online forum etiquette but was subject to vile comments and it's still accessible ???? Glad you are looking after us


Daniel Haynes

Hello Stacey, thanks for the alert. I can't see anything on the Netiquette thread that breaches the code of conduct. It would be a shame to delete it, as your original post is useful, and offers food for thought!

star gaze lily

Thank you Daniel.  I too reported a post earlier,  I hope you looked at this. Many thanks


Thanks Daniel, and just to say I for one have read   the GW code of conduct, see link in Daniels post above. I do and will continue to abide by it and hope all others will too. Thanks also to staceys netiquette info. 

Good to hear something may be done about the idiots roaming the different threads. My daughter is seriously ill, and whilst she endures chemotherapy, my wife and myself are helping her and her two little children cope with everyday living. Gardening brings me much mental relief, and this forum, when used in the ways in which it was intended, cheers me up with some of the good-natured banter, and teaches me, an old dog who thought he knew gardening, new approaches to old problems. 

Most of the recent rubbish posted doesn't belong with a generally good natured, and well-intentioned forum like this - so would all those causing the discord, please quietly leave the room? Thank you.