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Don't have a CMD key on ipad....

Daniel Haynes

Hello MsBeehaven,

You can clear the Safari browser cache on an iPad in Settings Safari

(There are two options - 'Clear History' and 'Clear Cookies and Data')

Do give this a try, and please let me know if it doesn't work.





I had the same problem when I came back on a few minutes ago hollie - ctrl + f5 not working when it had earlier-  so I cleared my history and I can see posts again.


It mostly works for me but there are a couple of threads I've responded to that have failed to update though my post is there when I look


I keep clearing history. Bit long winded though.

hollie hock

Just tried clearing my history

hollie hock

Tried it, didn't work, never mind. I'll come back when things are working

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