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It is up the swannee a bit tonight! I'm managing by hitting refresh every time I load a thread. On the iPad (not iOS7) I have been hitting the round arrow next to the web address. Otherwise, try F5 on your keyboard  (so my OH tells me!)

Control and F5 has been working for me.


Things are working fine for me on iPad and iPhone but not on my computer, where the world is frozen at 11am yesterday morning, no matter how many f5 or refreshes I do.  Haven't reported it as in a flap, but maybe someone else having problems could make them aware - it's obviously only affecting certain devices.


I sent Daniel a PM earlier this morning - but it seems better now 


Whoops, no - spoke too soon - latest threads isn't working at all and I'm having to refresh again to see my posts 

And I've just spilled yoghurt down my front 



I'm still having problems with posts disappearing, not getting messages etc 


Had problems on and off for some time,also with edit facility.

Forum problems again....hmmmmmmm!


Stuck in a time warp. Yesterdays messages only.


The forum starting playing uparound lunchtime yesterday. I could access other websites OK.  Then that went. It came back on for 5 minutes at 9pm then gone again. I phoned Virgin this morning and they said they had a major problem and hundreds of houses were out.  They expected the problem to be fixed by 4pm today but it seems ok at the moment.


Tuesday 24th September 2013 at 13.31  - I am having to hit F5 very time I open a page to update it and it is very annoying. I only learned to do this from Nutcutlet when everything went into a different time zone yesterday.....where is Dr Who when you need him    

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

Apologies for this. We're having a few issues with the site cache today, which the tech team is looking into. I'm hoping they can implement a fix shortly. Thanks for bearing with us.



Oh dear - I had a reply from Daniel to my earlier message, and I can read it on my iPhone, but it doesn't exist on here 

Never mind, we'll just have to be patient - gardeners are good at that - aren't we? 

Shame the nights have drawn in now - I could use the evenings to get some work done in the garden 

Anyway, until the techies have fixed it, "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day ............... "

If Alan4711's looking in, hope the housemove goes according to plan 


Things work too by pressing the refresh arrow,in the www. Titles bar. (on iPad)


Well I can post, but nothing is now updating!

Can't access some threads.  Keeps logging me out.  Frustrating

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

The developers are still looking at the problem. Apologies for the frustration caused.

Until the full fix is implemented, do try a 'hard refresh' of your browser cache by simultaneously pressing Ctrl and F5 on a PC, or Cmd and R on a mac. This should cause the latest threads and posts to display.

Daniel Haynes