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Hi, would it be possible to have a 'Back to the top' button at the foot of each thread, so that we can go back to the top quickly rather than endlessly scrolling back up?  Just a thought  Thanks.


Would also be good if there was a button we could click on a particular post to make sure we get updates on that. Like a hot thread button that we can control.



There is one of those, just check the little box at the bottom left and you'll get emails if you've set it up on your settings 


They are all checked, I often dont get an email though


I get loads - I keep unchecking the box at the bottom otherwise my iphone beeps at me all day 



Discodave-if you go to "my" settings-open forum settings, check that replies notifications are set to default to on.

You should then get e-mails if anybody responds to a discussion that you have posted on 


Good idea about the 'back to top' button as long as it soesn't send you to the very beginning of a thread!! (Fork Handles)

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