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Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Secret Squirrel

Hi, Might be an obvious question, but has the person you want to PM have their acceptance box ticked?

star gaze lily

I have had problem sending and seeing PMs for ages now.


I've discovered that if I click on the person's avatar and try to message them that way all I get is an almost blank page ...... but if I click on my name in the top right hand corner of the screen and then on messages, I get the chance to send a Private Message to whoever will accept one - hope that helps 

Probably won't help you tho Lily - I know you're a Special Case 



Thanks Dove and Mark 1963. I just realised that rather than hovering over the avatar and clicking on 'Message' (which only gives the blank page), instead click on the avatar, which displays the persons's basic info page, then click on 'Message me'.

Ho hum, live and learn.


There's obviously more than one way to skin a cat 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

There's obviously more than one way to skin a cat 


Who was asking about how to deal with cats in the garden? 

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