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I've been trying to get a photo on a post of mine but I get the message ' Not a valid file type'. What am I doing wrong please help?


Doris - I upload my photos to photobucket then click on the  Direct Link line.Click the tree symbol  in the GW message box which will bring another page up - then click on external link  and then paste into the box. It took me ages to get photos on here but this works for me

Pam x

Daniel Haynes

Hello diggingdoris. I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble uploading photos. First, a couple of points to check: the images need to be in jpeg format, and they need to be below 1Mb in file size. If your image is a jpeg, and below 1Mb in size, then please let me know what web browser you're using (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and if possible, which version number, then we'll do our best to help.



I'm on Internet Explorer and the image is a jpeg. not sure what size each picture is but the 3 pics in that file total 2.9


The only thing I've managed to do is change my profile picture to the one I wanted to load! Don;t know if it's big enough for anyone to see.


It is a bit weeny! I had this problem using Internet Explorer version 8. Workarounds: 1. Open photo bucket account, upload picture. Click on download option. Should say copied. Go back to this website, click on green tree icon. Choose external site option. Click in site option, then paste, save. 2. Upload safari (another browser). Navigate to this site, and uploads direct fro PC should work.
Alina W

 Doris, click on the "Direct Link" until it is highlighted. then copy it.

Open a message here, and click the green tree.

Click on "an external site"

Paste into the box next to "URL"

Click "Insert" and the picture should appear in your message, as above.


 I just upload this photo ...On the top where you write your stuff .. you would see B I U and you smiley than a photo that looks like a cumpter with a screen.It would say Insert an image or a video. Click on it would than see another small screen the select to bring up your files on pictures than the photo you want to upload.And than upload.Than save. (easy)


Hey Diggindoris, the link works fine. Just needs a bit of fine tuning so we can see the pictures in your postings.If the above postings don't work for you, I'll try and get back to you over the weekend, then you'll be fine. The Olympic torch is passing very close to here, and have been a bit pressganged!


i also had problems with getting pictures up.. but now i make them a BITMAP and resize and they are fine... never thought about using photobucket to do it..

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