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Can't get on site

GW won't send validation email so I'm stuck. This is a random email in the hope it gets thru to someone. U can tell I'm new to internet can't you. : /

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I dont understand ,you have posted, so you must be on site?


Hi, it looks as if you are validated as your post has appeared here - so Welcome 


If you're still having problems email the web team on this address 

Hope that helps 


Just testing I done it right. Having a cuppa in the garden.


Have a look around the forum and you can comment on anything, or if you have a question, start a new thread. Welcome to the mad house(garden)


1Runnybeak1 wrote (see)

Just testing I done it right. Having a cuppa in the garden.

Think one or two of us might just join you - there's cake available on the Hello Forkers thread 


Not any more there isnt!


Whooppeeee!!!!! I'm so pleased to be on site. Don't know how but I don't care. I'm really happy to be able to chat to fellow gardeners. 

 I know exactly what you mean 1Runnybeak1.!!   I had a similar problem when I joined GW....

Thank goodness we're up and running!

Happy days ahead I hope?!


I still can't fatham out some of this computer stuff,hope most of my messages get through, glad to know there is someone else as hopeless as me at technology.I can lay turf, build garden structures (sort of) and do endless DIY but if I press the wrong button on the TV remote I'm ages trying to fix it ,Welcome anyway and hope you find many nice gardening friends.


Snap Marg 48. Talk about being daft !  Today I answered a Quiz or so I thought and ended up on a dating website I can't get out of.  like you I can do most DIY, I've build a pond in the past, laid a patio, rigged up electrics for outdoor lights in garden etc etc but this internet lark has me beat most of the time.  But I'm going to persevere and just be more careful about which buttons I press.  ( God knows how many 'dates' I might have come Monday morning : /. My husband knew I was barmy anyway he says I just confirmed it today. 

  Ha Ha!  We do seem to get into pickles don't we?

Marg48, You will have so many dates, you'll be doubling up....with husband in tow!

1Runnybeak1,  We'll all come and see how your DIY skills are doing,

And, as for me?........:     : - /  

 At least our garden and plants etc, will look good!

What more can we want?!

Take care all.


to learn about internet bow down and ask grandchildren it works for them



  I have no grandchildren dollo, but, my son is very good at helping out!!

He has a saying though......" When they're getting old...."  !!   Hmm..say no more then?!

Take care.


Forgot to say as my son is saying this...he is shaking his head!!

they know a lot more than us i am 70 but now i learned they can now teach us even it makes you feel dumb

 You are exactly right!  I'm 63  and I'm still learning, we would never have thought that we would be learning from children and grandchildren!!

Keeps us going anyway. 

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