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Has anyone else had this problem today.  I click on"message me" but nothing happens. (no emoticon for shrug)


Lesley I always go into top right of screen, drop down from my name to my messages, and send a new one from there. That looks ok today.


Lesley just sent you a test one that way and it's working for me

Sent you a test one your way and that's worked.


Got two from you KEF thanks.  Probably just computer ineptitude

Could not get on the forum to send messages Saturday Sunday, tried to change password after logging out no joy.

Today Monday changed password and they have now logged me in on the old password, what on earth is going on.

Frank or as you can see above the old password Palaisglide?????



Hi Frank - there was a malfunction on the forum over the weekend - it was possible to post if you changed your forum settings to Basic Editor rather than Advanced.  

We kept a post with details of how to do this at the top of the Latest Posts page in the hope that people would see it .... sadly you didn't but I'm glad you're back now 

Thanks Dove, it cannot have been important as I do not remember what I wanted to send.


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