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The Doctor

Hi admns, 

I have tied to change my avatar with a picture that conforms to the upload spec but with out success.

Is there an issue or am i missing something?




Dan are you using pc/laptop?-or a different device?


I just had a go....and I'm a bit of a numpty when it comes to pooters so if I can do it anyone can. Here's how I did it...

Go to Settings (top rhs of forum page), there is a little head and shoulders  face atm as your on (located top left of settings page).

I don't use facebook so I just clicked on to get to on my pooter....found the photo that I wanted to use....clicked on   then scrolled down to and Bob's your wossname....

Sorry if you've done all this already..are you remembering to click on before you leave the settings page?


I'll get ma'coat.....

Miss Becks

Dan, uploading seems to be taking ages lately, just leave it for a while when you press upload, and see if it pops up.

Oh, check the pic is a jpeg.

The Doctor

All i get is this on my mums poxy windows POS





I'm having problems changing mine too. I just assumed it's to do with the bugs that have crawled out of the woodwork during the recent 'upgrade'.

Sue H
Dont remind me!!! Have a Samsung galaxy tablet. Will not allow me to do this. Had to fire up ancient laptop!
Miss Becks

It must be the site Dan. It says the image uploaded sucessfully. I'd email the support team and just tell them what's happening, with this screen shot, although Daniel might see it himself on this post.

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