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I potted a plant on, (as you do)  just stuck into a pot to see what it was.

It is definitely a Cematis but it has no tendrils. It has small flowers, I wonder what the variety can be, as I havent seen one without tendrils before. Can anyone help?

Thought I'd put up a photo of 3 of mine which have been wonderful this year. Warsaw Nike and Etoille Violette grow together. Pii


lu After years of failing with Clematis I know seem to have deveoped the knack. I now have 5 and still looking for some more.

Dove, Taylors is always my first port of call. Great selection and good site



Lots of clematis now come without tendrils.  I have 3 integrifolias, a purple leaved recta something plus an Arabella, a Hendryetta and a lovely blue one whose label I have lost - all without tendrils.   Alyonushka was another but she was didn't like my winters.


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