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I have noticed that after all the fuss and the nice things that were said, that Verdun/Christoper2 has been missing from the forum over the past few days

Have tried to send a message but his settings don't allow it-so wherever you are Verdun-come home

May be he is posting under another name.


My oh my - im confused.

I havnt been on here long but also find the advice given by members second to none.


Shame he's not about any more - hope he's ok.

Verdun, come back! I've ordered some Jack Frost for around my camellias because of you. And I've debated to dig or not dog out my bramble problem. Who am I going to complain to if my pots look rubbish or ground elder takes over because of my digging? Seriously, mate, we 're missing you on this forum!

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